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Zay Santos Rock Revolt


Based out of Austin Texas, Zay Santos has been able to transform and re-create himself time and time again through music. Since his debut in 2007 Zay Santos has played The best venues with the greatest musicians that rock 'n' roll has to offer. 

''He is constantly trying to achieve more and outdo himself both professionally and musically. He never stays still''






The Call

by Zay Santos: CUTS Music Group

Thank you for your consideration and enquiry for booking either Zay Santos (solo performing artist) or The Zay Santos Rock Revolt (band). We pride ourselves in being professional and adaptable. Booking is typically at least one month out unless otherwise negotiated. Thank you again and we look forward to performing for you and yours!

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Austin, TX

3501 Basford Rd. 

Austin, TX 78722




Santa Fe, NM

2895 Pueblo Bonito

Santa Fe, NM 



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